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Individualized, comprehensive, professional marketing solutions.

I work with you and for you, ensuring that you find partners who believe in what you believe.

Marketing Solutions

Phases: Pre-launch, launch, beginning stage, acceleration, maintain & further growth
Brand awareness
Social Media presence 
Online presence 
SEO/Marketing Analytics (Google Analytics, BI, website building).

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Content Creation

Textual: copywriting, freelance writing, blogs, specific writing materials, readings for younger readers*
Graphical: basic designs, photoshoots
Promotional materials and events

Outdoor Study Group

I've worked with versatile brands covering different industries:

  •  Edelman Public Relations

  • Antler Innovation (Global startup generator)

  • Glispa (Berlin-based performance marketing agency)

  • Voices of Women Media (Hong Kong/Amsterdam-based non-for-profit organization voicing marginalized women's rights)

  • Heliox Energy (Global renewable energy/recharging station developer)

  • Jacobs University Bremen 

  • SandwiCHINA/China30s (One of the largest independent Chinese online publishers & writing course providers)

... and so on.

I'm flexible in discussing the modes of engagement. Services are available in Chinese and English. 

Let's work together!