Marketing Services

I have been working with flexibility and have understood and appreciated how much of a difference it could make to the clients on having the ability to select the services/solutions they demand. I also offer fixed plans for more predictability in engagement in the medium to long run. 

Get started today with a personalized analysis and next steps to up your marketing games reaching customers.  Through a complimentary 30-minute ZOOM consultation, I will go through your needs and expectations, as well as your current marketing status quo with you, and offer some next steps as a one-side A4 page marketing plan to follow up. This consultation also gives us a good opportunity to ensure that we can work professionally together.

If you have a specific need in Mandarin service, please note that in the booking and I will address this with you in the consultation as well. 

Wrapping Gifts

The launching package: comprehensive marketing planning 

I worked extensively with startups and smaller brands building up their brand awareness across Europe and Asia, with some work in Australia as well. This service is considered outsourcing your project(s) and I would be your freelance marketer. 

My services for brand awareness building include: 

  • Market research, analysis & mapping

    • Complementary brand position analysis and next-step action plan of a PDF document of 2-3 pages ​

    • Additional go-to-market strategy reports and/or on-demand market research projects (extra charge)

  • Setting up related online presences inc. Social Media, website, Email Marketing*

  • Paid ads** and SEO Optimization on mainstream platforms inc. Google ads as initial customer recruitments and awareness building (payable by the client)

  • Initial customer engagement & database management*** (subjective to client requirement and needs)

I charge per project for this section and am happy to offer the abovementioned services together as a package or separately (subjective to consultations). 

I offer external consultation and am open to working with your in-house/existing marketing teams to provide an extra more comprehensive examination of your marketing strategies and current practices and offer actionable next steps. I received good training in Design Thinking and will be happy to map out your potential solutions in the consultation with this.

After the initial meeting, I would arrange meetings to meet your team and other extended service providers.

Depending on the need, I will either engage more with online meetings or come meet you in person and do consultation/hands-on project work in Sydney* (as lockdown permits).

I charge per project/per meeting*/per service subscription (subjective to discussions on the exact demand)

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Marketing Strategy Consultation


Product Marketing

Launching your own product? Perfect! Let's do this! 

This is a product-oriented service, and my solutions can be either outsourcing your projects or offer consultation, and of course a combination of both depending on the demand. 

My services can include* (subjective to customer demands): 

  • Customer and market research 

    • Comes with reports in PDF formats​

  • Product pre-launching and launching campaigns including technical underwriting, product debrief, and related reports (in PDF/PPT formats)

  • Promotional online campaigns/events inc. internal and external aspects of the product launch to evaluate

    • Comes with reports in PDF formats with actionable plans. ​

  • Follow-up educational campaigns/trainings to the customers/sales with improvement plans*

I charge per project/per period engaged for this service.