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As a content creator at heart, I’ve had a big passion for writing and content production. I write professionally, for personal leisure, and on-demand. I can produce content in Simplified Chinese and English. I’m swift with all styles of writing from interviews, features, investigative, entertainment, etc. I've been active with writing and producing contents in both Chinese and English, but did have the stings as life kicked in at times. Now, I'm back better and stronger. 

My publishing in English has been mostly context-based, with increasing efforts to freely "blog" with my own opinions. I've done a few projects with Voices of Women Media, and then worked extensively with campus-based newspapers and student publications. At Antler, I assisted in creating some of the very first versions of prototypes, including photos, blog posts, and videos. 

Most of my writing in Chinese have been done on collaborations with SandwiCHINA/China30s (三明治), a leading multimedia publishing and writing course provider in China.  My current focus is on short-stories/life writing/creative non-fiction, as well as some opinion writing. 

Here you can find a selected list of my publishings: 

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