My conventionally unconventional story

I am a Chinese & English-speaking marketer & copywriter that helps businesses access markets. 

I write attentively for leisure, and professionally attentive for business.

As someone who has been enjoying writing all the way since I started off writing for school magazines and student self-published newspapers back in middle school 15 years ago. The involvements got more intense as I was actively contributing to campus and community-wide magazines, newspapers, and digital publishing of all kinds. 

I've written in Chinese and English, covering opinions, autobiographies, marketing promotions, features, interviews, and a wide range of topics for different audiences. I have strong interests in covering education and technology-related topics in all formats, as well as marginalized topics.

I majored in social sciences and communications in my undergraduate studies back in 2013, and have obtained two masters in business (entrepreneurship & innovation, marketing), and in teaching (early years). I have had my time exploring and wondering what I would like to do with my life, but one thing is certain that writing and creating comprehensive and innovative marketing solutions will forever be part of what I do - and can do well.


A quick rundown of my writing/marketing journey highlights:

In 2013 I had my first Chinese article published in New York Times Chinese, debriefing my decision to go to a non-mainstream country for my bachelor's studies.

In 2014, I interned with Voices of Women Media in Hong Kong, covering multimedia campaigns for brothels/sex workers in the red-light districts of Amsterdam and Hong Kong to tell their stories.

In 2018 I joined Antler Innovation in Singapore, covering blogging materials for the startup landscape in Southeast Asia and China, later on to Europe. I as well did online/offline campaign organization and management, together with market research.

In 2020, I was part of the global writers' team for SandwiChina, leading e-publishing and writing course provider, covering journeys of frontline medical practitioners' first battles against COVID-19. 

I'm currently exploring writing for children (picture books, chapter books) as a means to combine my current profession with my long-standing passion for writing. I'm also picking up writing creative non-fiction as a big project of wrapping up what I have been doing as I lived and traveled across continents before settling in Australia. I write on-demand as well and am happy to help you produce and create marketing and content solutions. 

Born and raised in China, I'm currently in Sydney with my 7-year old rescued dog Bella. I'm trilingual in Mandarin Chinese, English, and German. I'm an avid Muay Thai fan and am practicing calisthenics. I love music too and have been teaching piano to primary school-age children for the last year. I'm also a trained palliative care (family support) volunteer with NSW health (Children's Hospital Network). 

I pride myself on being flexible in creating and curating content, marketing, and experience solution that truly cater to your needs. Please reach out to discuss more on how I could help you to take your business off. 


"Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day."

- Jim Rohn