Writing by the Water

Your words, your voice. Created.

Yingzhao Zhu is a freelance marketer & content creator
working with various brands and startups.

I believe in the power of content.
And I believe in making ideas happen

Everyone loves a good story - and a good story doesn't need to be a novel. It can be connected closely to your mission, vision, daily moments, milestones, as well as anything you think that is worth (and even not) mentioning. 


 I've cultivated my speciality in written content creation through years of writing experiences across contexts (academic, copywriting, features, creative non-fiction, etc), and together with solid understandings of the wider and more comprehensive side of marketing in a hybrid online & offline way. I can conduct work in Chinese and English, and am familiar with the WeChat, Weibo, and WeChat's Xiaochengxu function.

I've had solid experiences in:

  • Various mainstream Chinese & Western social media platforms (Meta-series: Instagram, Facebook; WeChat, TikTok, WeiBo, Twitter, etc)

  • CRM & Recruitment softwares (HubSpot, ZenDesk, Salesforce, LinkedIn, etc)

  • Branding strategies (Marketing playbooks, guideline books, best practices, market analysis & desktop/field research, event organization, etc)

  • SEO/Marketing analytics (Google Analytics, Google/LinkedIn/Instagram Ads, performance ads, Power BI Analysis, Tableau, etc)

On the other hand, some of the topics I've worked on include:

  • Public policy research

  • Government relations

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation (which I did a lot of content production in)

  • Education (writing/teaching young adults and early learners)

The mixed background gives me a unique advantage at diving into different topics at ease. 


My ability to think creatively and technically plus the execution into plans make me stand out, and I would love to help you to leverage what you have through creating marketing solutions to help you reach your audience and build brand awareness. I'm well equipped to help you create and curate your own sets of contents to boost your business.

When it comes to getting your marketing plan kickstarted, Yingzhao is a very competent, capable, and efficient marketer. Strong in social, email marketing and extremely results-driven. She marvels at exceeding targets and goes above and beyond to deliver what you are looking for. And always with a 😊.

Estee Chaikin, Global Marketing Director, Heliox Energy